894HC UCIH_01
Hepatic ICU. Hospital Clinic
30 May, 2018
1117MG BRO 01
Geriatric Residence. Barcelona
12 January, 2022

Emergency and Endoscopy Area of the Zarzuela Hospital

Emergency and Endoscopy Area of the Zarzuela Hospital




Sanitas SA de Hospitales


786 sqm

The project is a refurbishment of the Emergency and Endoscopy Areas located on the ground floor of the Zarzuela Hospital in Madrid. The project respects the general structure of the building, introducing important changes and improvements to adapt it to current functional demands and regulations, such as the increase in the Endoscopy area to cover current demand. The change of covering materials in all the spaces is part of the project, to create a more pleasant atmosphere and to promote calm and concentration in particularly delicate and sensitive spaces such as the Emergency Department. These materials are in line with the Sanitas Design Manual, which was carried out with the aim of unifying the finishes of all its centers.