AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture is an architecture studio located in Barcelona and specialized in health projects. We work to respond to the needs of the future, enhancing our specialization in architecture within the socio-health field and betting on research, innovation and corporate social responsibility.


Our extensive career and years of professional experience in the field of health allow us to face projects of various magnitudes and complexities. Ramon Torrents and Clara Rius, as managing partners of the study, lead a large team of people and promote continuous improvement in the design processes of each project.


In recent years, our efforts have been focused on neurosciences applied to architectural design, together with people-centred design. The main line of work is to encourage built environments to improve people’s experiences, ensuring social commitment and respect for plurality.


Working together with the area of architecture, the research team focuses on two main objectives: understanding how people perceive, experience and how spaces affect them at a psychological and physiological level; and finding or producing scientific data relevant to decision-making in health centre designs.