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Ophthalmology Surgical Area. Hospital Clinic
18 February, 2021
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Extension of Tortosa Hospital
4 September, 2023

Cardiology Service. Bellvitge University Hospital

Renovation of Unit 2.1 in the Cardiology Service of Bellvitge University Hospital


Bellvitge University Hospital


Institut Català de la Salut


671,69 sqm


Dani Rovira


The new Cardiology unit was conceived as a space that not only heals physically but also promotes the well-being of those who use it.

The first guideline of this project was the total reconfiguration of the sector, with a redistribution of circulation that adapted to the inherent circular shape of the building. The entire functional program was arranged in a radial design, making the most of every space.

Aware of the importance of natural light, we worked diligently on the design, prioritizing divisions and glazed materials that allowed the flow of light throughout the floor. From the most distant corners to the most intimate consulting rooms, natural lighting reaches every space.

Regarding aesthetic matters, materials that simulate wood were introduced to infuse warmth and tranquility into every corner. In this way, we sought to create serene environments that mitigate stress and improve the experience of those who inhabit the unit, thus providing a better hospital stay.