894HC UCIH_Hemodinamica 01
Hepatic Hemodynamics. Hospital Clinic
30 May, 2018
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New Cluj-Napoca Children’s Hospital. Romania
12 January, 2022

New Hospital in Aranda del Duero

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Competition for the New Hospital in Aranda del Duero


Aranda de Duero. Burgos


Gerencia Regional de Salud de Castilla y León


42.979 m2


Virai arquitectos

The aim of the project is to reconcile the two main categories through which the future of hospitals must pass: humanization and sustainability. A hospital that takes care of all its users: patients, workers, and families, like that third care-giver who brings health to all people, also taking care of the environment. A building that not only does not make us sick, nor is it even neutral, but also incorporates through its design the physical and emotional well-being that is needed to recover and to live better.