Intermediate Care Unit Renovation. Clínic Hospital
4 April, 2024
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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Vall d’Hebron
12 January, 2022

Hepatic ICU. Hospital Clinic

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Hepatic ICU. Hospital Clinic




Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


612 sqm


The project of the new Hepatic UCI, located in pavilion 5 of the 3rd floor of the Hospital Clínic, integrates a radical change in the ICU model, both at the architectural level and at the processes and applied technology level. The patient is the center of the unit.

The unit has 6 semi-critical rooms and 8 rooms of critics, located at the end of the pavilion to obtain more natural light and larger spaces. Rooms have increased in size, allowing the beds to be placed in parallel to the facade and creating the best space for the patient.

A piece of furniture has been designed for each room, integrating RFID technology, handwashing and necessary elements for the staff in their day to day life. In this way we want to optimize the work of the staff, improving their attention to the patient.

The box is the patient's habitat for a long period of time, for this reason an intimate, comfortable, collected space has been made, with the possibility of customizing it by means of magnetic walls that allow to hang pictures or other elements of the patient. The glazed walls have been removed between the boxes, and the wall of the hallway has some vinyls that reduce the pecking effect on the patient. They have also removed all the sound alarms on the inside, and the lighting has been carefully studied so that it is adequate during the day and at night.

The new Hepatic UCI is the new reference for the safety and comfort of the patient.