894HC DOL 01
Clinic Hospital Pain Unit
12 January, 2022
894HC UCIH_01
Hepatic ICU. Hospital Clinic
30 May, 2018

Intermediate Care Unit Renovation. Clínic Hospital


Renovation of Interpavilion 4-6.3. Intermediate Care Unit at the Clinic Hospital


C/ Villaroel 170. Headquarters of the Clínic Hospital of Barcelona.


Hospital Cliníc de Barcelona


314,10 sqm


Dani Rovira


This renovation is part of the expansion of the new Intermediate Care Unit at Clínic Hospital, which is based on the needs of the users of this area: both the professionals who work under prolonged stress and the patients who are going through delicate moments in their health.

With the aim of mitigating stress and improving the experience of those who inhabit this space, a unit has been created where comfort, well-being, and privacy are prioritized. To achieve this, modern and organized environments have been designed to reduce sensory overload. Neutral colors, natural materials, and appropriate lighting have been used to generate feelings of warmth, serenity, and tranquility in every corner.

Regarding the artificial lighting installed, it responds to the changes that our body experiences in 24 hours, conditioned by light and darkness. Employing the concept of the "circadian rhythm," soft lights with yellow/orange tones have been chosen, which mimic natural light at dawn or dusk, to naturally accompany the biological aspects that directly impact the patient's/family's rest, and consequently their recovery.

Another noteworthy aspect of the project is the "personalization of space." All rooms have a unique area to be intervened by the hospitalized person. In this way, the space "opens up" and invites users to adapt the room to their liking and generate a sense of belonging beneficial to them.

Regarding furniture, the philosophy of integration proposed by AHEAD has been followed to optimize spaces. Through the design of built-in furniture as an integral part of the architecture, the use of areas dedicated to storage is enhanced. In this way, daily work and the circulation of professionals are facilitated, despite space limitations.